i'm up for the ecstasy of dark-nighted-city adventures 🌃🌉🌃
im a sucka for the devil in you 💙


if trees could talk i’d probably get emotionally attached to them

“One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.”

Antonio Porchia (via feellng)



when i was in year 5, i did a speech on clumsiness for my school’s public speaking contest and to be clever, i tripped on my way to the stage dropping my note cards all over the place, but then i pulled the real ones out of my pocket saying ‘if you’re going to be clumsy, it pays to be prepared!’

everyone lost their shit and i got second place

If you got second place who got first… Did they talk about fire safety and burn the stage down or something


Those who are hardest to love are the ones who need it the most


my ex texted me today “you can delete my number i don’t care anymore”

and i replied “who is this”



The awkward “I don’t want to annoy you but I really like talking to you” stage.